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Since 1935, Daubert has provided corrosion protection solutions that have greatly extended the life of a wide variety of manufactured products. Wherever there are tough conditions in transportation, mining, construction, and other industries, there’s Tectyl® protection.

From hard-shell, direct-to-metal coatings to heavy-duty wax and black bituminous films, the Tectyl® line from Daubert Chemical constitutes the most comprehensive selection of corrosion prevention products available anywhere. And we can tailor our comprehensive line of products to solve your unique needs.

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Assessing Your
Protection Needs

Selecting the right Tectyl® product for your needs requires a precise balance of many considerations.

When assessing your needs, your Tectyl® representative will consider a variety of factors, such as: usage, performance requirements, removal needs, type of metal, application method, costs, and more.

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Viscosity Icon

How viscous the coating is for the purposes of pumping/spraying. Necessary information for using the right application equipment.

Film thickness Icon
Film Thickness

How thick the coating will be once applied. Thicker films often provide more protection, but can be harder to remove.

Film nature Icon
Film Nature

Non-discernible, Oily, waxy, firm, or hard shell. Different films provide different benefits.

Estimated protection Icon
Estimated Protection

How many months/years the coating will protect in either indoor or outdoor conditions.

Finish Icon

Purely an aesthetic aspect, will the finish on the coated product require a high level of gloss? Certain Tectyl® products are available according to the level of gloss required.