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The most comprehensive selection of corrosion prevention products available anywhere.


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Since 1935, Daubert has provided corrosion protection solutions that have greatly extended the life of a wide variety of manufactured products. Wherever there are tough conditions in transportation, mining, construction, and other industries, there’s Tectyl® protection there.


From hard-shell, direct-to-metal coatings to heavy-duty wax and black bituminous films, the Tectyl line from Daubert Chemical constitutes the most comprehensive selection of corrosion prevention products available anywhere. We’re not too big to develop a solution for your unique issues.


When it comes to custom solutions, we’ve got you covered as well.


Let your Tectyl representative assess your needs and make a recommendation. Contact us to learn more.


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Chassis and Underbody

Cavity Wax

Long Term Outdoor Coatings

Chip Resistant coatings

Thin Film, water displacing Coatings


Engine Storage

Sound Dampening


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Selecting the right Tectyl product for your needs requires a precise balance of many considerations.


When assessing your needs, your Tectyl representative will consider such factors as the following: usage, performance requirements, removal needs, type of metal, application method, costs, and more.


Let your Tectyl representative assess your needs and make a recommendation. Contact us to learn more.

For example, the undercarriage of a trailer is subjected to a tough environment with its exposure to road salt, gravel, heat and cold. This is far different from the interior of the trailer and requires different formulation.

Tectyl coatings come in a wide variety of formulations that are tailored to specific application methods and metal surface properties. For instance, Tectyl products come in a variety of viscosities which are tailored for either dip, brush, or spray application methods.  There may be further product variations that boost the tackiness of the product depending on the cleanliness of the metal to be coated.

Since many Tectyl products are meant only to be a temporary coating for parts and equipment in storage, it is important to know what methods can be used to remove the coatings.  Some can be removed simply by wiping with a soft cloth.  Other coatings require the use of mineral spirits or warm alkaline cleaners.   Some coatings cannot be removed at all (such as hard shell coatings). Your Tectyl representative can help you determine the coating that can meet your protection need while considering your preferred removal methods. 

Color: What color do you want your finish to have? Depending on the specifics of the application, certain Tectyl products can be provided in custom colors.

UV Resistance: Will the coating be on an area of your product that is exposed to ultraviolet rays?

Hardness: Should the coating be hard, soft, or somewhere in between once it’s applied? Tectyl products include wax-based, oil-based, resin-based, and asphalt-based formulations.

Gloss: Will the finished on the coated product require a high level of gloss? Certain Tectyl products are available according to the level of gloss required.

There is increasing pressure on a worldwide basis to reduce overall VOC (volatile organic content) emissions and to formulate coatings from raw materials that will be safer for applicators. Specialized products within the Tectyl line offer an extensive and impressive history of success in meeting both current and planned low-VOC requirements.

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